Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Social Media Tips!

At Circa '95 we love to learn about new ways technology can help us achieve our goals. It's important for us to share with others what we learn so we can all benefit from the information. Especially in the Hip-Hop community.

(For some reason a lot of people don't like to share....they hoard tips that could help everyone- those people SUCK! )

Circa '95 is changing the game..
As we learn new tools, tricks and tips of how to make your social networking / media experience a little bit better.. Check out this blog. We will be posting great links and sites that are sharing the good stuff!

Today's @circa95 Techy shout out goes too:

Matthew Tommasi !

Follow him on twitter @socialguide
He has been sharing valuable tips and making available free downloadable PDF's to walk you through it all...

Ever wanted to connect your twitter and facebook status? Get all the great tips here...
Check 'em out at

More goodies to come soon from Circa '95!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

WE ON A AWARD TOUR (The Circa '95 Show // June 27th // 3-5pm)

Founded in 2003 and committed to offering quality, unique wearable art work, Pink Eye Fashions is a recognizable and respected brand in personalized and customized fashion. Known for it's exclusive artistry, Pink Eye provides custom airbrush and hand-painted designs for sneakers, shoes, hats, jackets, t-shirts and much more. We believe everyone has an inner expression that needs to be set free and shown to the world and we create infectious fashion for individuals that like to make statements. Pink Eye was nominated in the "Best Branding" category
for the 2010 Twinkie Awards. 

  Yonas has performed all over the Northeast Coast finding his audience in Clubs, College Campuses, and on the Internet Worldwide. The budding rapper has shared the stage with numerous established artists, having performed alongside Pharoahe Monch, Wyclef, DJ Stretch Armstrong, Kidz In The Hall, Sean Price, Jurassic 5, DJ Envy, Curren$y, 3OH3, The Lordz of Brooklyn and The Blue Scholars. Carefully cultivating a rapidly expanding fan base and already having landed notable music reviews with AllHipHop.com, 2DopeBoyz, New York Magazine, BallerStatus.com, Hip Hop DX, NahRight, Rap Fanatic Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, and many other popular media outlets, Yonas shows no sign of slowing down. In January 2009, Yonas’s celebratory anthem “Banga” won a Billboard Songwriting Award for best Hip-Hop / Rap song as he released his debut album The New Golden Era to iTunes Worldwide. The witty, slick-tongued yet methodical, rapper is focused on becoming hip-hop’s catalyst for change in a genre that has lost its way.

Dj Jedi  is a staple in the NYC underground Hip-Hop scene. You can catch him rocking throughout the city with some of your favorite MC's getting his business reppin' for Methods NYC or Beyond Race Magazine.

The Rebel Diaz Arts Colllective (RDAC) is a South Bronx-based performance and multimedia space that aims to utilize culture as a means for education and self-empowerment in our community.  The RDAC recently went to Detroit for the US Social Forum (#USSF).  RDAC members will let us know what went down and what they took away from the conference. For more info on the USSF go here www.ussf2010.org

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Majesty Cameo in A Collegehumor Video...

So this morning patty sent me this video from youtube called Fresh Prince Theme: Gangsta Version.
it was pretty funny but I wanted to see some other videos and the next one in the que was Twitter in Real Life..  It was another funny video but this one had a cameo from Majesty.. Peep Game at 59 sec's.. good shit my Du.. good shit..


Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Boys Allowed !

Props to this store in the Netherlands dedicated to female sneaker heads!! Check out this store if your ever across the pond.....


Hey Cim, the Netherlands is coming into the colder weather now, was this a hard time to open a store?  Hi, the hardest part was to translate the images in your head onto paper and to make the total concept picture perfect. And to make the decision, am I really going to do this?

What is your background in retail and ‘sneaker obsession’ and how did this all lead to you opening your own store?  
I worked in a clothing shop called Bendorff for 4 years and prior to that I attended International business-school and one year at the Fashion Institute. My parents are entrepreneurs, so I grew up knowing about the risks and the dedication that you have when you're doing your own thing. It became obvious that I would be my own boss in the future. I was a dancer and me and my friends were in a group doing graffiti and hip-hop. I was like 15 years old, so everything was really innocent. My hoodies & Fila sneakers were my favorites. Getting older I tried to dress more feminine and combined sneakers with the usual girly stuff and made it my own style. My love for sneakers didn’t vanish, it only became stronger.  

What was the final decision that set in stone that there needed to be a ‘girls only’ store in the Netherlands? 
My boyfriend has a huge passion for sneakers as well, so when we got together a bomb exploded. When we bought a house, the first thing we did was make a shoe closet. My frustration is that I love the old school, not the typical ‘I'm a girl so I want flowers’, sneakers and with a size 5 it's hopeless. So on my search for sneakers in my size I constantly saw the same frustrations reoccur.

How many shop names did you come up with before you settled on ‘No Boys Allowed’? 
The first one was 'No Boys Allowed' as in NBA. When we would tell people, we kept getting mixed feedback. And to tell you the truth, the feedback was not always so good. So I thought of many more names but no other name felt as right as 'No Boys Allowed'. NBA is more for myself, a statement of my love for the original basketball sneaker. Funny thing is, as soon as I told people that this was what the name was going to be, everyone said "what a great name", haha!

It seems the females are taking over on your side of the world with Club Zonder Filter coming to international attention with their revival of L.A. Gear and now you with ‘No Boys Allowed’. Is there a sense of strong feminine power coming through and leading the way in Europe at the moment? 
Yeah, how cool is that! They've done a great job on the L.A. Gears! Women are very supportive of each other. Especially in the world of sneakers, it's a little bit of a man’s world. Women first have to prove themselves to be taken seriously. Strange, but it still happens.

Speaking of the L.A. Gear revival, your store is the first to stock the new range with the L.A. Gear Stardust. How has it been selling, did the demand meet supply? 
That's not exactly true. There are 50 selected stores in Europe.  There's already a list of girls that have reserved the 'Stardust'. They drop on the 10th of October, so I'm very curious how it will develop. As for myself, I'm a huge fan. 

What are some of the other brands ladies will find instore? 
Adidas, Keep, Asics, DC, Converse, Springcourt, Reebok, Nike, JB Classics, Creative Recreation, Vision and in a few months Supra.

How do you gauge what the girls want when it comes to stocking the brands? Do you research thoroughly when bringing labels instore, or do you work on what you like to see and what you think will sell? 
I like to think that I have a close affinity with the streets. I often use my friends and myself as a clipping board. I think that's the thing with most shops, the men are the ones who stock the place. They don't realize that girls want the same sneakers. The one with the history, with the original colors. I buy a lot of sneakers in small sizes. Many brands make unisex now so you just have to ask for it. Also the internet is a big inspiration. We look for new things every day. 

One person cannot open a sneaker store alone. Who did you look for to help out with starting your business, and how long was the process from fantasy to reality? 
The idea for this shop started little more than a year ago. First thing I did was a market research. Were there shops that I missed? Is The Hague the right place? Where do I want my shop to be? Is it possible collection-wise? When I found the perfect place, I made a business plan and found an investor. From there on it went very quickly and now it's a reality.

Did you get any advice from Kendo in L.A., the only other store geared directly to females? 
No, I didn't really ask. When I started I found Laces in NY, but I couldn't find any info about them. Further in the process I found Kendo. I wanted to mail, but I still haven't. I'm going to, because I have to congratulate them on the Adidas collabo!

Why do you think there are only two stores in the world that target the female demographic?
I think most people think it's too tricky, because many people think it's just hype and after the hype, women are not the ones to rely on. I obviously don't think it's true. But they were the comments that I got when I started this. A lot of younger heads and especially females email me regularly asking for advice on how to open a sneaker store and getting accounts etc. How did you go about this and is there any tips you can give to our readers that are interested in venturing into their own business? 
Be nice, don't think that you'll get every account you want in an instant. The brands are not getting rich from your shop, it's pure image. You have to prove your store to be worthy and that takes time and can be frustrating at times.  

You recently had the launch of the store at the beginning of the month. What was the reaction to ‘No Boys Allowed’ and how will you continue to uphold the excitement set by opening night? 
It was a very nice party. A DJ was turning the tables, the weather was nice, so we could go outside. We had lots and lots of homemade cupcakes, cocktails and of course champagne. The flyers for the opening night were stickers, so it was nice to see them on all the bikes and lampposts and such. The stickers are a hit, so I have just had them made in more colors. Holland is small, so news travels fast. And we're busy making the website better as well.

Are there any direct plans for the future to bring out your own apparel line or to collaborate with a brand? If so who would be your dream collaborator? 
I am going to make some tank-tops and tees with the logo and a tracksuit. Well, to design a shoe, that's like every sneaker lovers dream! But there are a lot of collabos at the moment. I like the ones with Asics the most so I think Asics, or L.A. Gear would be sooo cool too. We'll see, you never know. Maybe I'll launch my own brand some day.

Where will we see ‘No Boys Allowed’ in 5 years? 
It would be cool if 'No Boys Allowed' would be a well-established name in the industry. And that I'm still in the shop working my ass off because it's so busy. Hahaha! I’m pretty ambitious and I'm really focused to make this shop into a success! We'll see what comes on the way.




Ph: 31(0)707 802 310


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

El Mercadito Flea Market @ the RDAC This Saturday the 19th

You are all invited to
El Mercadito Flea Market

A Fundraiser, Pop-Up Shop, BBQ and send off for Youth from RDAC BX and DUB Wash Heights traveling to the US Social Forum ...

There will be performances by YC the CYNIC, REBEL DIAZ, INTIKANA, DJ CHARLIE HUSTLE, CIRCA '95 and many more...

T-Shirt making workshop with Mikey1Soul



Facebook Event Link Click Here

Saturday, June 19, 2010
1:00pm - 7:00pm
Rebel Diaz Arts Collective-BX
478 Austin Place, 2nd floor
 Bronx, NY

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stop Motion Animation Videos

Circa '95 is into the arts! Something that we love is animation, film & photography. Stop Motion animation combines all theses things. This is our homage to those who spend the time to do this craft. Check out some of these amazing videos we came across. These are beautiful!  Enjoy... =)

 Stop Motion With Wolf And Pig

 MUTO a Wall-Painted Animation by BLU

Game Over by PES

DEADLINE Post-It Stop Motion


Stop Motion Rubik’s Cube

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Ooh Yeah – Dancing Headphones

Ooh Yeah - dancing headphones from beshart on Vimeo.

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop)

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

Graffiti Stop Motion Animation

Broken Fingaz - Graffiti Stop Motion

Video: Remember the simple things.........

Peep this throwback Sesame Street video of how Crayons are made. 
In this digital era it's nice to reflect on the simple things.

New Video: Eminem "Not Afraid"

He's Back............



For some reason mainstream media enjoys hiding female emcees. Right now Queens native and Young Money representative Nicki Minaj has got everyone's attention. Props to her for bringing the spotlight back to the ladies. Let's get our Carmen Sandiego on and  scan the globe and find other female emcees who are doing their thing as well!
If you know of other amazing female emcee's we need to give props too,
please let us know so we can feature them on our blog!
Circa '95 wants to support Women in Hip-Hop no matter where you live or language you speak!

Check out some of the ladies I've been listening too......


"Latina's Symphony" presented by Alvare featuring Mauikai, La Bruja, PattyDukes, Barbara La Guerrera, Katana, Mami Montana & Lah Tere

Mami Montana http://www.myspace.com/cocaina

K.Tana http://www.myspace.com/katanaakacheetachinchilla


Tasha (korean name- yoon mi rae) is half African American and half Korean. As she grew up, she had a hard time searching for self identity. This is a story about a girl who’s forced to live as a stranger in Korea, enduring racial prejudice. http://shenyuepop.com/tag/yoon-mi-rae/

Ana Tijoux  -  1977 is her latest album. She recently toured the USA and is coming back for more this summer. Make sure you follow her on twitter! @anitatijoux 
Mala Rodriguez, has been hitting up the Latino hip-hop scene. With a huge following she is bound to make noise with her new album Dirty Ballerina. check her out here http://www.malarodriguez.com/
Milka La Mas Dura - with her hit song " Dale Ven Ven".
La Rage (The Rage) by French female rap artist Keny Arkana. Released in 2006, La Rage refers to global politics and the 2005 riots in the banlieues (ghettos) of Paris which spread to other cities in France.  Keny Arkana is part of La Rage Du Peuple (The Rage of the People), a music collective formed in 2004 in Marseille, activists in the alter-globalization movement.   
Maya Jupiter -  Check out her website http://www.mayajupiter.com/  or follow her on twitter http://twitter.com/mayajupiter
From Ghana  Eazzy - "Bo Wonsem Ma Me"
Nneka from Nigeria  


Meditias - No Pressure

Las Krudas
HIME,  from DJ Honda Records 

Coma-Chi "Michibata"  http://www.myspace.com/comachi

So many females, So much inspiration!

-PattyDukes Member of Circa '95

Throwback Video: AZ - Sugar Hill

AZ- Sugar Hill

Friday, June 4, 2010

Central Park SummerStage W/DJ Bobbito Garcia, Laylo & Sake One (FREE!!)

3pm l FREE 

3 - 4pm 

Live Music:  
Pupy Y Los Que Son Son
Jose Conde 
4 - 7pm 


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Video: Nike Commercial for the FIFA World Cup

Check out NIKE’s new promo for this year’s FIFA World Cup,  This campaign is EPIC.  The world cup is one of the biggest sports attractions this year will be played in South Africa. 

The three minute spot was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and features several of today’s biggest soccer stars in action, it also features short cameo's from Homer Simpson, Mexican actor, Gael García Bernal and even Kobe! The commercial really comes across like a short film.