Friday, February 5, 2016

@Circa95 Saturday #C95Run and Sunday @NYRR #NYRRGridiron 4M #WeekendWarriors

Come run with us..

 Saturday Feb 6th - Meet up @ 12 Noon 

we going for 8 Miles 
(we will have options for those just wanting to run 3- 4 miles)
Especially for those who are training and getting ready like us for BTG Punta Cana Half Marathon 
and the AIRBNB Brooklyn Half Marathon ! 

Catch +Circa '95  Running on Sunday in Central Park before the big superbowl game. 
In the NYRR Gridiron 4Mile & Longest Football Throw 
Sunday, Feb 7th @ 9am 

Catch the LIVE RESULTS on Sunday -----> CLICK HERE 
Reph Bib #  4699
Patty Bib # 4698


@Circa95 visits @Terminal23 via @FinishLine @Jumpman23 #Circa95Athletics #C95Run


Last week we had the awesome opportunity to visit Terminal 23 in NYC thanks to Finish Line. Terminal 23 is a Jordan Brand concept spot with an actual basketball court. Only a couple of blocks away from Madison Square Garden. This is a space where players like Carmelo Anthony can showcase new shoes and even get a haircut. They have a barbershop station in the back.
No kidding!

The most impressive area to us was the Design Lab station, here you could design a shoe or even a pair of socks. The room has magnetic panels so you can post things up as you work. The main table is also insane. The broken glass looks so fragile but it's all protected and made into a work-station table. A great place to be creative and explore new ideas. Hopefully.... imagine... one day... our very own Circa '95 Nike Shoe? or even a Sock? Wepa! Dreaming big over here peeps.

The pic of the bookcase on the right has some of Carmelo's favorite things.  Filled with colors and items he used to help design his sneakers. Can you notice all the Orange? Yeah Melo went to Syracuse University just like Reph did.  As well as a bunch of Star Wars action figures.


When we showed up they gave us a tour of the space and then took us into our locker rooms where we had our gear waiting for us. They had a pair of MELO 12's available for all of us to try on. 


We got a chance to throw around the ball and get comfy. Because what came next we had no idea! A full on - work out with one of Melo's trainers.

He worked us out! had us doing drills all along the court. Luckily, a lot of the moves are similar to the ones we have been doing already during our track days. Patty has some experience playing basketball as well - she played on her high school basketball team in the Bronx. A little rusty tho but still down to take a jumpshot. Also, if you notice, Patty is the only girl on the squad.

 enjoy the pics...

#WeGotNext ! 

 After the game... 
we were treated to some food and watched the Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors on the big screen.
The same game being played across the street at Madison Square Garden. 
We were in a cozy lounge area with leather chairs and Jordan Brand ottomans. 
That's Reph with his feet up - relaxing those calf muscles he recently sprained.


 #MotivatedByPain #C95Run #Circa95Athletics #WRUCREW #WinnersCircle

We had such great time,  
thanks to  Finish Line for the hook up! 

Wanna be a part of the Finish Line Winners Circle?
 Get the app...   =)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

#C95Run ::: @Rephstar Birthday Run - Sat. Jan 23rd ::: @circa95

Props to everyone who came out yesterday for our second meet up.
Last Saturday we ran 3 miles, yesterday we went up a notch and increased it to 4 miles!  
Luckily the weather was fantastic and the sun was out in full effect. 
Everyone made it together. No one was left behind. 
Just like the graf' piece says  - #WeAreOne
Join us this coming Saturday for some more adventures in the hood...

*** SATURDAY - JAN 23rd ***
12 Noon  @ Dyckman Community Center
202nd Street & 10th Ave.

and we will keep the celebrations going on SUNDAY Jan 24th
for a special WRUCREW event... 
Come Thru ...
We Run - Then Brunch !!!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Run with @Circa95

 Circa '95 is all about Music. Art & Culture.
For us Running has become a big part of our lives.
 For many reasons; it helps us stay fit, focused and allows us to build community with others.
Running is a part of our culture. It has truly impacted our lives in the most amazing ways.
We don't want to do it alone - we want to do it together with our peeps.
Running is not just for "some people - it's for ALL of us.
You don't need money or expensive gear. You just need to come run with us!
We will help you get started.

Circa '95 HOOD RUN -  Meet up every Saturday @ 12 Noon
in the Dyckman Community Center (NYCHA)
3781 10th Avenue (Just off 202nd Street)
FREE !!!
 Everyone Welcomed - All Abilities - Bag Check


 (Pic of Day 1 - Jan 9th)


In the fall of 2015, Patty completed the Shape Up NYC fitness instructor course.
Currently volunteering and giving back to the uptown community of Washington Heights. 

We are Booking gigs for 2016  - want us to run with you in your Hood? 

Reach out  :::

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tues. Night - @MMaggieMiller @Circa95 @SOBs and @PattyDukesNYC Birthday

Circa '95 is performing at SOB's
We are opening up for M. Maggie...
who is releasing her new EP - Vienna Genesis

Come out SUPPORT & show your LOVE.
We are also doing a early birthday celebration for PATTY DUKES.

18+ up
$10 tix
Doors @ 9:30pm
Circa '95 goes on around 11pm....

See you at the show!

Don't miss the EP release !!! Come Party !!!

 $10 pre-sale $15 door //


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

LA ::: Circa '95 Summer Tour Recap

Recently we shared all the magic that went down in Hawaii.
This time it's all about Los Angeles.

No better place to see the city than the Griffith Observatory

Happy Birthday LA - 5k. 
In the middle of our tour 
we signed up and ran a 5K through the streets of LA.
#Wrucrew #Circa95Althletics #NikeNYC
 Reph going for the finish line...
It was a wonderful way to see the city and connect with folks.
Check out the BLACKLIST - LA crew
They run every Monday night @ 10pm
We had a great time running with them !
We visited Ameoba Music, a legendary music store and venue that 
supports indy musicians as well as mainstream artists. 
Ameoba Music was the first place to sell our music. 
This place means the world to us.
Support the shop next time your in Cali.
 Getting a tour..
Checking out the sick Hip-Hop collection
We met up with our homegirl and fellow musician - EAGLE NEBULA.
She shared with us the beauty and struggles of living in Compton.
We also ate some amazing Chicken and Waffles.. 
and before you say it -  Nope it wasn't Roscoes..
The place is called M'DEARS
Go check it out - Let em' know Circa '95 sent ya...  =) 

We met up with our friend KANO - amazing illustrator and designer.
He gave us a backstage access to the Warner Brothers lot. 
It's dope to see someone from NYC out in LA doing big things !
 We got a chance to see the props and costumes from movies like Harry Potter & Batman.
Patty was named honorary member of Hufflepuff's 

Reph is team Gryffindor.
It was also fun to walk through sets that are supposed to look like NYC..
yeah ok... 

So Patty is a fan of Ellen Degeneres.  
We ended up on the studio where she shoots her TV show.
Her Porshe was parked outside. 
Thing is we watched someone - could have been Ellen or
 maybe could have been her assistant get in the Porshe and drive away... 
Patty just missed her. Well she looked down and saw her name 
on her parking spot & took a pic. 
One day... Circa '95 will make it to Ellen.

Props to local LA artist & musician - SISTA EYERIE
For inviting Circa '95 to perform and participate in a community gathering in Boyle Heights.
An entire block in Boyle Heights was given an eviction notice. They have to be out by November.
We spoke with the fathers and mothers who are under so much stress to find a place to live for their families. Gentrification has hit them hard and it has hit us as well in The Bronx. We might be in different cities but the struggles are real in both.We are dealing with the very same problems. We send our love to the people of Boyle Heights and all across America struggling to find affordable housing.
Circa '95 was also interviewed by Yaro Celis co-host and producer of "BlackJack," a 2-hour weekly radio show which airs in 25 radio stations in Latin America with over 1 Million weekly listeners. BlackJack also covers the largest music festivals in the world to bring artists and producers interviews, the latest music news, and audience responses to its listeners.

Props to Reph for doing the entire interview in Spanish

It's always a blessing to be able to share your story.
Hopefully, someone is listening.

We visted Hip-Hop Artist - Nipsey Hussle store.
The Marathon Clothing  on Slauson Ave.
Props to Nipsey for keeping his shop in the hood and also
to his pops for taking this picture.
 Supreme on deck...
Undefeated ....  most definately

Zulu Gremlin invited us to try some Shaved Ice  - LA style.
Not sure if it was healthy - but it was good! It's like a fancy piragua with way more ice.
Why is this not in NYC?

Don't let them steal your power!

We were also invited to perform at the beautiful Westgate Hotel in San Diego on Labor Day.
Met some amazing artists.. like our new friends Julio and incredible Opera Singer pictured above.

Had to make time to check out the homie  - DJ ETHOS
Fresh off Coachella  & usually on tour rocking with Los Rakas

 Artisan tacos anyone?

  No visit to LA is complete without a Taco truck stop!

Guess who we met up with and had dinner with in LA?
Yarrow and Ken Swift ... 
Had such a great time together in Hawaii we had to keep the love going in LA.
Looking forward to Ride The Breaks 2016 !!! 

Reph enjoying the Cali sun.

Patty enjoying the breeze at Venice beach.

Thanks for the love Cali ... 
See you Soon!

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