Monday, April 25, 2016

@Rephstar @Circa95 @WRUCREW featured in @NIKENYC

Have you seen it?
Check it out…
Props to NIKE NYC for showing love…..

@Rephstar @Circa95 @WRUCREW




CIRCA '95 

Run With @WRUCREW @CIRCA95 Monday Nights

Join us UPTOWN….. 

Meet US tonight at 7:30PM SHARP

Where: @CoogansNYC - 4015 Broadway & 169th street

Bag Check: Yes

Post Run Vibes: Yes


for inquiries : 

Monday, March 7, 2016

#IWDRUN On Tuesday @WRUCREW @VoltWomen #C95RUN

In honor of international women's day
We are helping to host an amazing run through the heights on Tuesday. 
Come thru & be inspired !

Brought to you by the Ladies of WRUCREW 

Location: Coogan's
(4015 Broadway - 1 or A/C train to 168th street station )

Meet - 6:30PM
Run - 7PM

Bag Check - Yes
Bar Special - Yes


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Recap @wrucrew @pickandeat #RunPickAndEat @circa95

On Sunday Feb 28th - we took the streets for the annual Pick & Eat Run - #RUNPICKANDEAT

Pick and Eat is a wonderful healthy restaurant in the heights - located on 4179 Broadway.  They have a great selection of food, smoothies and treats. Go check them out and mention We Run Uptown or Circa '95!

Props to everyone that came out to run! 

For us.. It's all about bringing our community together

             Music ::: Art ::: Culture 

Run on your own.. Or with a group a people.. Just go! Doesn't matter how slow or fast you go.. As long as you just keep moving. 


Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible!

Circa '95
Pick & Eat
Miller Lite 
Coors Light 

Circa '95 is on a mission to unite the global urban running community through Hip-Hop. 


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

@wrucrew @circa95 #RUNPICKANDEAT

Join us for a 3-4 Mile run on Sunday February 28th.

Meet at: 1:00pm
Run: 1:15pm

Hang out after and enjoy some beers on us, and sample some amazing yet healthy spins on some Latino inspired cuisine.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

@Circa95 #C95Run & @WRUCREW #COCO5k Feb 20th

Saturday is gonna be lit !
Meet us at 12pm at Dyckman Community Center..
We will run from Dyckman to the #COCO5k
Designed especially for those who need to add those miles.. since we have half marathons coming up!

Join the squad for the 2nd annual COCO 5K.

The colder the day is the better.

We will be meeting at Mitchell Square Park
167th street between Broadway and Saint Nicholas.

1PM meet up
1:15PM departure

Bag Check provided.
All paces welcomed.

Complimentary ADULT hot chocolate.

Come out run hard and get nice afterwards.


+Circa '95 

Friday, February 5, 2016

@Circa95 Saturday #C95Run and Sunday @NYRR #NYRRGridiron 4M #WeekendWarriors

Come run with us..

 Saturday Feb 6th - Meet up @ 12 Noon 

we going for 8 Miles 
(we will have options for those just wanting to run 3- 4 miles)
Especially for those who are training and getting ready like us for BTG Punta Cana Half Marathon 
and the AIRBNB Brooklyn Half Marathon ! 

Catch +Circa '95  Running on Sunday in Central Park before the big superbowl game. 
In the NYRR Gridiron 4Mile & Longest Football Throw 
Sunday, Feb 7th @ 9am 

Catch the LIVE RESULTS on Sunday -----> CLICK HERE 
Reph Bib #  4699
Patty Bib # 4698


@Circa95 visits @Terminal23 via @FinishLine @Jumpman23 #Circa95Athletics #C95Run


Last week we had the awesome opportunity to visit Terminal 23 in NYC thanks to Finish Line. Terminal 23 is a Jordan Brand concept spot with an actual basketball court. Only a couple of blocks away from Madison Square Garden. This is a space where players like Carmelo Anthony can showcase new shoes and even get a haircut. They have a barbershop station in the back.
No kidding!

The most impressive area to us was the Design Lab station, here you could design a shoe or even a pair of socks. The room has magnetic panels so you can post things up as you work. The main table is also insane. The broken glass looks so fragile but it's all protected and made into a work-station table. A great place to be creative and explore new ideas. Hopefully.... imagine... one day... our very own Circa '95 Nike Shoe? or even a Sock? Wepa! Dreaming big over here peeps.

The pic of the bookcase on the right has some of Carmelo's favorite things.  Filled with colors and items he used to help design his sneakers. Can you notice all the Orange? Yeah Melo went to Syracuse University just like Reph did.  As well as a bunch of Star Wars action figures.


When we showed up they gave us a tour of the space and then took us into our locker rooms where we had our gear waiting for us. They had a pair of MELO 12's available for all of us to try on. 


We got a chance to throw around the ball and get comfy. Because what came next we had no idea! A full on - work out with one of Melo's trainers.

He worked us out! had us doing drills all along the court. Luckily, a lot of the moves are similar to the ones we have been doing already during our track days. Patty has some experience playing basketball as well - she played on her high school basketball team in the Bronx. A little rusty tho but still down to take a jumpshot. Also, if you notice, Patty is the only girl on the squad.

 enjoy the pics...

#WeGotNext ! 

 After the game... 
we were treated to some food and watched the Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors on the big screen.
The same game being played across the street at Madison Square Garden. 
We were in a cozy lounge area with leather chairs and Jordan Brand ottomans. 
That's Reph with his feet up - relaxing those calf muscles he recently sprained.


 #MotivatedByPain #C95Run #Circa95Athletics #WRUCREW #WinnersCircle

We had such great time,  
thanks to  Finish Line for the hook up! 

Wanna be a part of the Finish Line Winners Circle?
 Get the app...   =)