The Watchmen (Movie Review)

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Okay, so if you tuned in to last week's show, you probably heard us talking about the release of The Watchmen in theaters and about the bad reviews we had been hearing. So, my curiosity getting the best of me, I decided to go check it out for myself. To be clear, I had never read the graphic novel prior to watching the film, so I had no bias toward it one way or another. I am a fan of the graphic novel to movie adaptation-genre though, as I was feeling both Sin City and 300 to the fullest. So I get in the theater, which was damn near empty, and proceed to get my Siskel & Ebert on for this one. I really won't delve into the plot lines that interweave through the movie because A)They're complex...and B)Pay for your own damn ticket! Lol...but I will say that I was definitely entertained. The movie did a good job of developing the characters and they're backgrounds, the most interesting of which, in my opinion, was Doctor Manhattan. He's made of like atomic particles and can manipulate anything in and around himself, including being able to make himself the height of a skyscraper. Crazy. Visually, the movie did a great job of recreating the 60s-70s New York for the story's backlines as well as the 80s New York the film is actually set in. The special effects used to show Doctor Manhattan's translucent body are very ill and the fight sequences are official. The movie shifts to a lot of places where you can tell they put a premium on the visual effects. The Watchmen was a little short on action for my taste but it went over well, especially considering the flick runs a little over 2 and a half hours. Although a few parts sorta lagged, it didn't feel like you were in there for nearly 3 hours. Overall, I think Watchmen is definitely worth a look. Shit, at the very least, its gotta be better than watching the Jonas Brothers in -Interstate P


  1. i just got back from watching Watchmen; in retrospect, the movie leaves me feeling a bit haunted by it's style and storyline, though in a good way


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