Social Media Tips!

At Circa '95 we love to learn about new ways technology can help us achieve our goals. It's important for us to share with others what we learn so we can all benefit from the information. Especially in the Hip-Hop community.

(For some reason a lot of people don't like to share....they hoard tips that could help everyone- those people SUCK! )

Circa '95 is changing the game..
As we learn new tools, tricks and tips of how to make your social networking / media experience a little bit better.. Check out this blog. We will be posting great links and sites that are sharing the good stuff!

Today's @circa95 Techy shout out goes too:

Matthew Tommasi !

Follow him on twitter @socialguide
He has been sharing valuable tips and making available free downloadable PDF's to walk you through it all...

Ever wanted to connect your twitter and facebook status? Get all the great tips here...
Check 'em out at

More goodies to come soon from Circa '95!

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