Featured Guest for 2/15: June

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Simply put, June is next. This young, eloquent up-and-comer hailing from the Bronx manages to bring together street authenticity and the jovial party vibe of golden era hip-hop into one addictive bouncy package.

June established his bona fide writing for several artists who have already solidified their positions as hip-hop icons while concurrently building his local buzz. That buzz having reached a fever pitch, June is now primed and ready to bless the listening audience with his bigger-than-life personality and rare musical talent.

Fueled by cutting edge production supplied exclusively by Ron Browz (Nas, Lil Kim, G-Unit) and The Soundmen (G-Dep, Augustana, Roxy Cottontail, Glasvegas), June's music transcends the division between pop and the art form that is real hip-hop.

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