Special Guest: 2/22- Hasan Salaam

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Hasan Salaam is an MC, rapper and New Jersey native. Salaam began rapping at the age of 10. Being a black Muslim whose father is white and mother is black, his lyrics touch on subjects such as the 'post-colonial exploitation of African (hip-hop) culture', 'the African diaspora', 'the true Islamic jihad'. Besides his music he organizes food and clothing drives in Jersey City every third Sunday of the month.

In 2003 he took first place at the Battle Dome Championships for beat-making.

In 2005 he won an award for Best Live Performance and Best Underground Song of the Year for the song Blaxploitation from his debut album Paradise Lost at the 3rd Annual Underground Music Awards.

For more information on Hasaan Salaam, check out his website HERE

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