Just-Ice’s History of the Blunt by Jesse Serwer

I saw this on Nah Right and I thought heads would be interested...


When I interviewed Just-Ice about his classic ‘86 debut, Back to the Old School, for XXL recently, I asked him about his use of the term “blunts” in the track “Little Bad Johnny”—the first such mention in any rap song. His response was a detailed account of the evolution of every rapper’s favorite weed smoking instrument. Naturally, this tangent didn’t make the piece, but I thought those interested in New York lore might appreciate Just’s breakdown of how the Jamaican practice of smoking weed out of large, hollowed-out tobacco leaves (known as “fronto leafs”) evolved into an NYC ‘hood staple and, eventually, an ubiquitous rap talking point. Read the rest of this entry »

By Jesse Serwer

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