Featuring: Dj Chela, Misnomer(s), GNU, Eagle Nebula,
Circa '95 (PattyDukes & Rephstar)
MAY 6th @ 9pm,
Show Starts Promptly @ 10pm
Sputnik 262 Taaffe PLace -Brooklyn NYC

Hip Hop Sisters is a movement of women who would like to change the face of Hip Hop and the way that women are perceived in society today. We strive to bring the essence of Hip Hop back to its originality. There are too many negative images about women in Hip Hop, and it is affecting the younger generation. We need to show the world that a woman can achieve greatness, without selling our souls to the negativity that is put out there to destroy our culture. So in short, our mission is to promote mental growth, understanding, instilling self awareness in our sisters and using the Art of Hip Hop to help the youth find their voice.

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