Opening Day at CitiField!!

Here's some pictures from my Opening Day excursion at my beloved Mets' new home, CitiField. For the baseball buffs, you'll see I scooped flicks with The Cowbell Man and The Pin Man, so yes, I'm official!! Highlights of the stadium include XBox 360 kiosks with La-Z-Boys to ball out in MLB 2K, hella restaurants, plasma TVs tucked neatly away under the upper-deck awning throughout the stadium and a brand-spankin' new pop-up apple!! Sweeet...Needless to say I had a great time, the energy was crazy and I got to kick it with my brother, so I squeezed in some essential family time...;-)

P.S. I know all the Yankee thirstbuckets will email later to explain that the Mets took an L (6-5), but I was watching the scoreboard ALL night and the Yanks got spanked big-time 15-5, so fall waaaaaay back, lol.

P.S.S. Did I mention that Patty Dukes LOVES the Yankees...**POW**

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