What's Apple Cookin' Up??

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I'm always on the lookout for some new techie stuff, because well, I'm an electronics junkie. So I stumbled across this nice piece of hardware [pause] and I'm a little open. It seems that Apple is ready to hop into the whole netbook scene. Netbooks are the smaller, lighter versions of fullsize laptops, and are generally for internet use and word processing without the extra bulk. Apparently, Apple is ready to branch out beyond just AT&T and is pondering going in with Verizon on this new movement. A lot of times this stuff is 90% rumor and 10% truth, but seeing as how this info got leaked 2 days ago and both Apple and Verizon stocks spiked in the last 48 hours, it looks like I might be blogging from a MacBookMini pretty soon! :-) -Interstate P

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