The Robin Hood Foundation Raises Over $72M-Breaks Record

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Last night, The Robin Hood Foundation hosted a gala at the Jacob Javits Center. For those not in the know, The Robin Hood Foundation (RHF) is an organization whose principle goal is to end poverty in New York. They fund a ton of things around the city including shelters, job-training seminars, meal centers, medical services and educational programs. In a recessed economy, they fell back from all the bells and whistles they usually go with for this event, but still took in over 72 million dollars. In the course of the evening, a record was made as well. Billionaire financier George Soros pledged 50 million dollars over a 2 year period for the charity, the largest single donation to a charity of the RHF's kind. So extra special shout out to him for helping out and focusing the spotlight on such an important cause!! -Interstate P

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