BNE - The Beauty is in the Mystery .

Shout out to the homie mcfly From NINJASONIK - he posted this on his blog.

No one knows who BNE is .. a guy.. a could be an alien. All we know is that that people are starting to hate and wanting to prosecute the artist doing this. Yeah that's right, i called them, it an artist! I love that BNE has taken his/her/it's msg to the whole world in stickers... paint and other materials. I'm even hype that BNE hasn't revealed themselves.. and i think they shouldn't! I wouldn't want them locked up.. but the mystery is also very cool... NinjaSonik wrote "i dont wanna meet him. i think it would ruin the mystery for me and take back from what he has done for the graffitti community." I totally agree !!! What do you think?

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