Everyone Loves Freebies!!

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New York, N.Y. June 19 2009

Glenny Cruz and Iran Ortiz have teamed up to form 100 Yard Dash, a series of scavenger hunts hosted in NYC throughout the year. The objective of 100 Yard Dash is to promote music artists, fashion designers, film makers, DJs, etc. Young people love to receive free stuff, it is even better when the gift is an eco-friendly bag full of amazing freebies !

The “hunters” will be able to follow clues by following 100 Yard Dash at www.twitter.com/100_Yard_Dash. The winners will receive a gift bag containing items such as CD’s , DVD’s, clothing, accessories, magazines and etc. There will also be a newsletter included in the gift bag featuring articles related to fashion, music and art. The first series of hunts will take place during the week of July 6th. In order to participate as a “hunter” you must have a twitter account and follow 100 Yard Dash at www.twitter.com/100_Yard_Dash. A total of 5 hunts will take place during the first week. Updates and winners will be announced on 100 Yard Dash’s blog.

Sponsors will be able to donate items by contacting 100 Yard Dash at: Contact100YardDash@gmail.com for an application. All applications for the first series of hunts should be returned by June 26th. Five items from each sponsor will be collected before July 3rd. The sponsor will also have the opportunity to place advertisement on the 100 Yard Dash blog. The first three times of participating includes free advertisement. As a sponsor you will be free to choose whether you would like to advertise with us or not. This is the perfect way to get consumers excited about new product, music and etc.

For additional information on 100 Yard Dash , email us at: Contact100YardDash@gmail.com or visit the 100 Yard Dash blog.

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