Film Review: Estilo Hip Hop

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Film to Premiere TONIGHT, June 28th at 10PM on Global Voices Series on PBS WORLD Channel

In this powerful documentary, the cameras chronicle the lives of three Hip Hop artists from Chile (Guerrilero), Brazil (Eli Efi) and Cuba (Magia), respectively. Amazingly honest in its portrayal, the film gives an in-depth look into both the personal and artistic lives of these young, vibrant artists. Hip Hop was born to be a tool of revolution and it's inspiring to see people who continue its mission. I always find a great fascination with people outside of the United States who are Hip Hop enthusiasts. Frequently they are last of a dying breed when it comes to retaining the art form's purity. One thing in particular I learned from the film was the amount of humility these artists exhibit. Too often, people focus on the destination and not on the journey. These inspirational figures bring perspective and hope to everyone, whether you're a fan of Hip Hop or not, although after seeing this feature, I'm not sure how you CAN'T root for the underdog..

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