We Miss You!!

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After much discussion at yesterday's Circa '95 BBQ @ Urban Latino Studios, we've come to the conclusion that our beloved "quarter waters" have seemed to disappear from refrigerator shelves throughout the 'hood. Okay, we'd never advocate them as a legitimate source of nutrition, but damn these were a staple of the neighborhood. I couldn't find a single person in the building last night that could give me a definitive "yes" when asked if these are in their local bodega. Smh..

So since your time has run short, I wanna take the time to thank all you barrel-shaped beverages for lighting up my youth and providing countless laundry-stain nightmares for my mom and for fitting perfectly into my 50¢ budget along with my Little Debbie addiction!! You will NEVER be forgotten!

Pour out a little liquor juice..

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