50 cent reps for his hood...

You may hate 50 or you may love 50 but at the end of the day it doesn't even matter....
you can't hate on anyone trying to give back to their hood!

50 cent has donated tons of money to benefit his hood. He even plans to build a park in South Side Jamaica Queens, named after him - The Curis Jackson Park. He also tried to put together a family day concert for the kids this past weekend. Even actress, Bette Midler tried to help him out with this one, but the NYPD and mayor Bloomberg hated on him. Telling him he couldn’t do the concert. Fuck that! Scheduled for Sunday (August 30) in Queens, New York. 50 was unable to obtain a permit from the city for the event. The streets and the blogs are talking and everyone is BLAMING the New York Post for quoting an anonymous source saying the New York Police Department had concerns over the rapper’s involvement. Yesterday even though it was canceled 50 still came thru and hung out with the kids.. check out this extra long video of him chillin in Queens... go 50 !

oh one final thought - Commissioner Kelly sucks!


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