Zeps is our guest for the show this Sunday Aug 23rd

What it look like my peoples. We been slacking this last week, mostly because the Internet is down in the spot, but I'm on the job... This iPhone 3gs is much faster and it is easier to do a post from my phone so here I go. The my first real mobile post, with pics and all that.  Anyway on to the biz at hand.. Bk MC Zeps will be in the building this Sunday so tune in from 2 - 5PM here or on Urbanlatinoradio.com

Bio - As a rapper, typing a bio for yourself sucks... that probably goes for all musicians. You brag and boast about all the stuff you've done so that the people reading it think you're the shit. The thing is, ZEPS knows he's the shit. Even when typing a ridiculous bio in the third person. It's real simple... ZEPS rhymes and makes beats. He throws parties and makes having fun his main focus in everything he does. Whether on stage in Oslo Norway, San Francisco, North Carolina or back home in Brooklyn...you can just tell that ZEPS is having a good time. Stay humble, stay hungry. Want a real bio? Listen to his music.


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