It all commenced a couple of years go when Iran Ortiz was on a hunt for a new hobby. Iran found herself in a jewelry making store. Then and there she purchased tools and supplies. Iran had no notion of what she was going to do with it all. With no previous experience, Iran began putting chains , beads, charms and pendants together, making pieces to wear for herself. Iran’s friends and family loved the pieces so much , that soon after, Iran started designing pieces for her loved ones. Finally in 2009 Endless Noise NYC was born.
This season Iran has designed two pieces known to make a statement. The Grandioso and the Duo. The Grandioso is a necklace with a 4” plexi-glass heart pendant covered with Swarovski rhinestones in the front and engraved with a boom-box in the back . The duo is a set of two necklaces, each with a 4” plexi-glass half heart pendant. Also covered in Swarovski rhinestones and engraved with a boom-box in the back. The Grandioso represents love of music, fashion and life. The Duo necklace represents friendship. Its inspired by the best friend heart necklace. Keep one necklace for yourself and give the other half to your BFF. Pre-order yours today for October 15th delivery with a 20% discount at www.endlessnoisenyc.com. Endless Noise NYC pieces are all handmade with love by Iran Ortiz.
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