J.A.G. Music and Media Hosts the 2nd “She’s So Fresh” Showcase

J.A.G. Music and Media Hosts the 2nd “She’s So Fresh” Showcase

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"She's So Fresh" Showcase Overview

There was a time when a woman in Hip Hop held a microphone and not only created music on par with the men, but were treated as equals. For reasons that will be debated for years to come, that has changed. In recent years, the presence of the woman in Hip Hop has been reduced to one of visual physicality and sensuality.
J.A.G. Music & Media, via the “She’s So Fresh” Showcases, is ensuring that the presence of women in Hip Hop reflects one of respect, honesty and strength by partnering with entities that share similar values and a desire to support Hip Hop and the Woman Hip Hop artist in particular.
Enter stage left: the “She’s So Fresh” Showcase
You may have checked out Bless Roxwell's "She's So Fresh" Fridayz which appears every Friday on The Bloom Blog as per the always wonderful Fiona Bloom of THE BLOOM EFFECT, where she profiles a different Woman in Hip Hop every Friday, from Woman MC's to DJ's to Filmmakers, Dancers and Writers! The positive response has been amazing and surprising, as the Hip Hop Community, lovers of Hip Hop, supporters of Women in the Arts and supporters of women in general have embraced the features and the idea of "She's So Fresh" overall.
Going one step further, the “She’s So Fresh” Showcase serves as a performance platform for women in Hip Hop and Urban Arts. Being a female Hip Hop Artist, Bless Roxwell is acutely aware of the necessity for venues and outlets for the Woman MC to showcase their skills. The “She’s So Fresh” Showcase is bringing the female voice to the front and center in Hip Hop while realigning, reinforcing and solidifying the strength, talent and genius of the female voice in Hip Hop music.
Infused with the heart of the art form of Hip Hop, the “She’s So Fresh” Showcase will feature an assortment of female artists from different backgrounds and experiences. Highlighting the strength and creativity of women in the Hip Hop and the Urban Arts community, it is an unprecedented event giving voice to the unheard, untapped market for female Hip Hop artists. Focusing mainly on the Woman MC, it is providing a unique opportunity for sponsors seeking to reach the young urban female market in major urban enclaves, starting with NYC.
The first “She’s So Fresh” Showcase took place on August 6, 2009 and was a huge success! Karma Lounge reached near capacity and everyone had an amazing time, with some describing it as "The best Hip Hop Show I've been to in a long time.." -Timothy Hopewell, Street Cypha Magazine! For this second installment of “She’s So Fresh” Showcase, we want your help to make it even FRESHER! We will again be bringing it to you from Karma Lounge NYC, which holds a capacity of 100 and boasts an easy to reach location, a wide assortment of tobacco for their beautiful Hookah pipes as well as a bar upstairs and a bar downstairs where the event will be held.

Be a part of Herstory and Witness the 2nd "She's So Fresh" Showcase

For press and media inquiries, and to be on the press list the day of th event please contact Miss Shani of Stilettos and Sounds at 347-235-7193 or shani@stilettosandsounds.com

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