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Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone announce the Housing is a Human Right exhibit, an ongoing multimedia documentary portrait of the struggle for home in New York City.  Composed of oral narratives and photographs, along with testimonies and memories of home, woven and remixed with the help of turntablist DJ Oja Vincent, this collection of viscerally honest, first-person narratives serve as a reminder that home is as tenuous a space in New York City as the shelter that sustains it.

This is an ON-GOING project that is just beginning. In an effort to share with the community what it is we are doing, invite participation, feedback, and dialogue we are presenting a kick-off exhibit of 11 stories we have collected to date along with "remixed testimony" proclaiming the right to our home and housing. Come hear your neighbors and let your voice be heard!

About The Laundromat Project

The Laundromat Project is a community based arts organization committed to promoting the well-being of low-income communities of color. Understanding that creativity is a central component of healthy human beings; vibrant neighborhoods; and thriving economies, The LP's programs bring art to where people already are: the laundromat. Its two core programs, Works in Progress and Create Change Public Artist Residency Program, focus on making art education broadly accessible for all ages and skill levels, as well as providing professional development opportunities for artists of color looking to build or deepen a community-engaged art making practice by creating new public works in their own neighborhoods.

Thanks to the generosity of the owners of Wash and Play Lotto Laundromat Housing is a Human Right will play until Nov. 8th.

Don't Miss this unique event! Grab your laundry and spin through a cycle of stories.

Wash and Play Lotto Laundromat
81 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Admission: A load of Laundry
Stories spins from around 1pm - 9pm everyday

Wash and Play Lotto is a working coin-op. To respect the business please feel free to bring a small load of laundry. It will be much more fun to get some laundry done while meeting and mixing it up with the neighbors.

ALREADY SEEN IT?  Tell us what you think, call us toll free (888) 955-6653 and leave a message with your comments.

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