El Grito de Poetas Are The Guests this Sunday 12/06 On The Circa '95 Show

El grito de Poetas

El grito de Poetas collective is a group of diverse latino and latina poets dedicated to the craft and performance of modern day poetry. With their Latin roots and culture entrenched deeply within urban NYC; they are firmly committed to spreading knowledge of their various cultures, heritage and traditions through neo-modern traditional style of spoken word. Teaching artists, poets, spoken word artists, and emcees are all offered, empowering todays youth by connecting with them through community and growth. We stand today as latin poets to re-new the faith of an oral tradition of yesterday.  El Grito consists of 7 members - Advocate of Wordz, Chance, Chilo, Majestik Originality, Simply Rob, Tito, and True

You can find more info on YouTube, Myspace, and Facebook

P.S. Majestik Originality has just released his first book titled, Verses/Poetry (Inside the mind of an Emcee/Poet).  Check it out here

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