Friday, October 30, 2009

Whose On Deck This Sunday? SHE'S SO FRESH, The Ladies Take Over!

SUNDAY - NOVEMBER 1ST  2-5pm(est)

The ladies of the SHE's SO FRESH Showcase!
Tune in to see what we got cooking !!


Runner up at the 2009 Winter Music Conference Spin Off Dj Battle and 2006 She's My Dj! Dj Battle Has DJed for KRS ONE, Phaorahe Monch, Saigon, Rah Digga and others Nominated 3x for Best Female Mixtape DJ at Justo's Mixtape Awards Djed alongside Afrika Bambaataa, Tony Touch, Dj Evil Dee, Dj Envy, Luv Bug Starski and others Featured in The Source,, MTV's Mixtape Mondays, Ozone Magazine Clients Include the Scratch Dj Academy, Red Bull, Royal Caribbean.


A progressive emcee who creates trends instead of bending to them Eagle Nebula possesses the power to energize the most weary soul and add color to the most dreary places. She has shared the stage with Dead Prez, Black Thought, Pharoah Monch, Bahamadia, Brand Nubian, Pete Rock, J-Live, Ursula Rucker and many more. All who have seen her live agree that there is something about her that is quite magical. It could be the cosmic headphones she wears, or one of her other ornate self made head pieces, but most likely, it is her spirit overflowing with joy that she feels compelled to share with hip hop and all humanity. In due time, her bright brand of optimism will have reached every corner of the world as she inspires everyone to GO COSMIC!!!!! Eagle Nebula’s album “Cosmic Headphones” is the second imprint on Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Epistriophik Peach Sound label and was released worldwide in October 2008.


The beautiful and talented Bless Roxwell was birthed by The Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Always reading and writing poetry & short stories, the music made an impression on her at an early age.
The 2005 self release of her first full-length project, "8.2-3.95", solidified that progression and garnered heavy interest and praise, as well as earning Ms. Roxwell a solid fanbase of support among the die-hard and hard to please hip hop fans. It also got the attention of Blackout Ink Records, which re-released it in 2006 and an alliance was born.  So, these days, you'll find Bless writing for her blog "RANDOM REVOLUTIONS" which spotlights her series, "She's So Fresh" Fridayz! where she profiles female MC's and women in Hip Hop and is also featured on Fiona Bloom of The Bloom Effect's "The Bloom Blog". She's also writing and recording her newest project, a free mixtape for her fans, "revolutions", in addition to rocking shows and promoting tracks from her third effort, "Bless Roxwell:evolutions", released in 2008. Production on "Bless Roxwell:evolutions" was again spearheaded by the one and only, beat-wizard Ayatollah, however the two tracks from newcomer MFutures have been well received by exploring a new sound and claiming new fans for Ms. Roxwell.


DJ TastyKeish illuminates New York City’s radio airwaves with her flavorful blend of sass, wit, and intelligence. This budding media maven solidly commands your attention with her comedic commentary and natural curiosity. TastyKeish officially launches the weekend as host of WBAI 99.5 FM’s Rise Up Radio on Friday nights, serving the New York metropolitan and tri-state area, and online audiences. She is a woman truly comfortable with herself, who says what’s on her mind; and approaches her guests and progressive issues with an open heart and mind.

And shout out to FIONA BLOOM of The Bloom Effect blog for holding the ladies down !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

J.A.G. Music and Media Hosts the 2nd “She’s So Fresh” Showcase

J.A.G. Music and Media Hosts the 2nd “She’s So Fresh” Showcase

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"She's So Fresh" Showcase Overview

There was a time when a woman in Hip Hop held a microphone and not only created music on par with the men, but were treated as equals. For reasons that will be debated for years to come, that has changed. In recent years, the presence of the woman in Hip Hop has been reduced to one of visual physicality and sensuality.
J.A.G. Music & Media, via the “She’s So Fresh” Showcases, is ensuring that the presence of women in Hip Hop reflects one of respect, honesty and strength by partnering with entities that share similar values and a desire to support Hip Hop and the Woman Hip Hop artist in particular.
Enter stage left: the “She’s So Fresh” Showcase
You may have checked out Bless Roxwell's "She's So Fresh" Fridayz which appears every Friday on The Bloom Blog as per the always wonderful Fiona Bloom of THE BLOOM EFFECT, where she profiles a different Woman in Hip Hop every Friday, from Woman MC's to DJ's to Filmmakers, Dancers and Writers! The positive response has been amazing and surprising, as the Hip Hop Community, lovers of Hip Hop, supporters of Women in the Arts and supporters of women in general have embraced the features and the idea of "She's So Fresh" overall.
Going one step further, the “She’s So Fresh” Showcase serves as a performance platform for women in Hip Hop and Urban Arts. Being a female Hip Hop Artist, Bless Roxwell is acutely aware of the necessity for venues and outlets for the Woman MC to showcase their skills. The “She’s So Fresh” Showcase is bringing the female voice to the front and center in Hip Hop while realigning, reinforcing and solidifying the strength, talent and genius of the female voice in Hip Hop music.
Infused with the heart of the art form of Hip Hop, the “She’s So Fresh” Showcase will feature an assortment of female artists from different backgrounds and experiences. Highlighting the strength and creativity of women in the Hip Hop and the Urban Arts community, it is an unprecedented event giving voice to the unheard, untapped market for female Hip Hop artists. Focusing mainly on the Woman MC, it is providing a unique opportunity for sponsors seeking to reach the young urban female market in major urban enclaves, starting with NYC.
The first “She’s So Fresh” Showcase took place on August 6, 2009 and was a huge success! Karma Lounge reached near capacity and everyone had an amazing time, with some describing it as "The best Hip Hop Show I've been to in a long time.." -Timothy Hopewell, Street Cypha Magazine! For this second installment of “She’s So Fresh” Showcase, we want your help to make it even FRESHER! We will again be bringing it to you from Karma Lounge NYC, which holds a capacity of 100 and boasts an easy to reach location, a wide assortment of tobacco for their beautiful Hookah pipes as well as a bar upstairs and a bar downstairs where the event will be held.

Be a part of Herstory and Witness the 2nd "She's So Fresh" Showcase

For press and media inquiries, and to be on the press list the day of th event please contact Miss Shani of Stilettos and Sounds at 347-235-7193 or

Solefood NYC to Host "Going Back to Africa," event

Solefood NYC announced today that it will host a Winter gala on November 7th at the custom sneaker gallery’s TriBecA location, 38 Lispenard Street.  The exhibit will begin at 1pm and carry on till 7pm. Followed by the evening Gala at 8:30pm.

Nomadic Massive was chilling with us on Sunday

So for those of you who tuned in last Sunday u know we was going in... Shinobi Ninja definitely went in but before them we had some surprise guests from Canada called Nomadic Massive. They were dope and I hope to have some of the audio from the show up real soon. Till then check them out on their Website, Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook

Cop their albums here

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SHINOBI NINJA is the guest for Sunday Oct 25th

Our guest this Sunday is Shinobi Ninja. If u don't know now u Know!!!

Check Them on Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook or live this Saturday...


Been getting a lot of promo emails for this "music video documentary," so I'm putting it on the blog. I haven't seen it so I can't co-sign but I suggest u to check it out n peep game.

Handal Gomez Abdelrahim (Born Crazy productions) & Howie Rondinone (DJ Dec5) combine their skills to bring you the most exciting videography ever. Based on the biggest urban movement they combine music and video with photo montages to set up this electrifying piece of all the elements of the streets, from the Bronx, New York to all around the world, of past and present. You may call this a music video documentary. Howie Rondinone sets the tone with the music of old school classic break beats (hip hop) that will make you get up out of your seat and Handal G. Abdelrahim follows with images that will leave you in awe.
Just imagine where it all came from; now imagine seeing it all in one major short film.
Contact Handal Gomez Abdelrahim (646- 651-2847)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monique interviews T-Boz from TLC

I'm so proud of Monique for hosting her own Late Night talk show on BET
(rarely do women get a chance at the Late Night spot - go Monique !!)
Thanks T-Boz for sharing the TLC experience of holding Arista Records Hostage
-with Guns & Bullets & all that!
Lisa Left-Eye was definately a gansta chic! haa...
Get your money and don't sell your soul!!
Learn from the mistakes of others.

Life-Altering: Woman Gets Swine Flu Shot And Becomes Disabled

Ok, so Flu Shots are very common in NYC.
I've never had one and watching this clip doesn't make me wanna go out and get one.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Global Hip Hop Throwdown

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Oct. 22: Grand Master Roc Raida Tribute at the Tableturns Reunion!

Since Roc Raida's unexpected passing on Sept. 19th, 2009, at the peak of his career (the 1995 DMC World Champion was DJing for Busta Rhymes) famous friends across the world have organized fundraiser/tributes for his wife and children. The outpouring of sympathy and love have been tremendous! The event on Oct. 22nd will be followed by another star studded fundraiser in NYC on Nov. 25th at Nokia Theater (more info tba). His wife and daughters have also announced that they will continue the very special DJ battle that he created and organized since 2006: Roc Raida's Gong DJ Battle!
Friends who wish to organize a tribute/fundraiser should espectfully seek permission first, from his family, by writing to Friends who want to make a donation can log on to and direct funds to the address: Please support a fundraiser near you and stay posted to for any and all official information

Sunday, October 18, 2009


SUNDAY / OCTOBER 18th 2009 / 2-5pm

Peep the VIDEO of their track "It's All Real"
Pitch Black from Brooklyn, New York are a Rap/Hip-Hop group formed in 1994.
Signed to Universal Music Group working with legends like Dj Premier.
Join us as we interview them and see what they are up to now.
Even watch them spit some bars or two on our 420 Cypher!

-Circa '95 ...
you know how we do......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

RED BULL presents B-BOYS ON BROADWAY with music by DP ONE  

B-Boys from around the world battle at the crossroads of the world, Times Square. HHTF with the support of Red Bull has curated this unique outdoor event celebrating the elements. Hosted by D-Stroy of the Rock Steady Crew, with special guests Blitz the Ambassador and Ken Swift. The event finishes with a global cipher of b-boys and girls with breaks and beats provided by one of Hip-Hop purest DJs, the prolific DP One.

Times Square/Duffy Square
Saturday, October 17:  2 PM - FREE

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kool Bob Love on CNN


Piecing Taught by Stylemaster Enrique “Part One” Torres & Jacob Kimvall
Part One started painting subway cars in the early Seventies and took part of the downtown gallery scene in the Eighties; and the goal of his master class is to create a deeper understanding of the black book tradition. The “undergraduate” students will develop their skills in, for example, laying out a page, formatting the book and using different marker techniques. They’ll achieve general knowledge of different markers, paper preservation, and last but not least get a feeling for the possibilities and complexity of the black book. Master class students will deepen their knowledge and skills with a true master of the arts.

Friday Oct 16 @ 3PM
Powerhouse Books
37 Main Street, Brooklyn

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Esso is the Guest Today 10/4 On The Circa '95 Show

Check him out on, Twitter, n Myspace...

Click image below to download "Off The Wall" by ESSO & Woody's Produce