Watch Flaco Navaja, PattyDukes, Nymphlo 9 Reading Excerpts of COUNTY OF KINGS: The BOOK

A jarring and poignant coming-of-age memoir told in a unique voice that seamlessly flows from hard-edged drama to urban poetry. This poetic and often times gritty narrative creates a vivid portrait of Lemon's difficult, yet at times humorous experiences growing up in New York City. 
Praise for COUNTY OF KINGS the staged-memoir

"The perfect Off-Broadway piece!" --Ben Brantley, NEW YORK TIMES 
"Compelling and well-performed!" --John Lahr, NEW YORKER
"[5 Stars] Electrifyingly Fresh!" --TIME OUT NEW YORK 
"More energy than any stage can contain." --NEW YORK POST

Flaco Navaja Reading an Excerpt from County of Kings, The Book 
PattyDukes Reading An Excerpt From County of Kings, The Book  
Nymphlo 9 (Anthony Alonso) Reading An Excerpt from County of Kings, The Book 
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