Sound Brushes - March 27th

 Soh Nup Ink & Street Attack presents,
Sound Brushes, an exploration of audio visual synthesis. 

Marthalicia Matarrita (live painting)

Cern Ymi (live painting)

Shantell Martin (live sketch projections)

Joshua Sophrin (live video mix)

Spazecraft One (live organic/digital sound)

Xaphryn Phollicle (live organic/ digital sound)

Join us from 6-8 PM for an intimate reception showcasing members of the Hip-Hop(e) Consortium of Responsible Partners with organic soft juices provided by ADINA. & eco-health tips provided by

source: SpazeCraft One | web:

Date: March 27
Time: 6 PM- 12 AM

Location: 303 Grand Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
(between Havemeyer and Robeling)

Suggested $10 donation

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