4/18 The Circa '95 Show featuring SUPA NOVA SLOM & ENDLESS NOISE


Supa Nova Slom is one of the most profound and prolific artists, activists, and authors of today's generation. Conquering all fronts, he brings a refreshing sound  to the mainstream music industry, actively organizes hundreds of urban youth for community upliftment, and revitalizes the wellness movement from the lens of the highly affected younger generation. he has worked with major names from across sectors, spoken internationally, and appeared on The Today Show, BET, and Jay Leno. In addition to his 2010 book and album release Supa Nova is also completing the his second documentary: Holistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation Part II for 2011 release. Originator of The Hip Hop meditation Ciphers, member of Bill Cosby's Hip-Hop project, The Cosnarati and founder of Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood, Supa Nova Slom is a galvanizing force for today's youth and beyond. For more information on Supa Nova Slom please visit www.supanovaslom.com

Supa Nova Slom will be on The Circa '95 Show to share with us his new book The Remedy
and talk about the many projects that he is involved in.


The Remedy: The Five-Week Power Plan to Detox Your System, Combat the Fat, 
and Rebuild Your Mind and Body

Supa Nova Slom, largely known as The Hip-Hop Medicine Man, has recently released his ground breaking new book The Remedy, a cutting edge wellness book that features passages by Hype Williams, Melyssa Ford, Tyson Beckford, Erykah Badu, Chuck D, Ben Chavis, and many more.  Highly imperative during a time when 8 year-olds are contracting Type 2 diabetes, hip-hop artists as well as legendary icons are repeatedly losing their lives to preventable diseases, and  the African-American and Latino communities are being hit by higher rates of heart disease and obesity than ever before, Supa Nova is one of the first members of the hip-hop generation to speak out on this level for the wellness of young people and everyone at large. 

This is truly the first comprehensive book on dieting, fitness, and wellness that takes a holistic approach with the hip-hop generation in mind.  Supa Nova Slom is the son of internationally renowned holistic wellness practitioner Queen Afua and was raised on a whole foods vegan diet in the 70s far before it became mainstream, which led him to create the Chlorophyllian Green Lifestyle laid out in the book.  The Remedy explains such principles so that they are easy to incorporate into one's lives with the provided background information, nutritional meal plans, creative recipes, celebrity testimonies, and physical exercises that Supa Nova coaches you through in The Remedy.

The Remedy goes far beyond being a power diet book that will be a one-time event but instead is the jump start to transforming your life as Erykah Badu says, "This is the book that will transform your body and ultimately change your life."

Beyond being a author and wellness advocate, Supa Nova Slom is a hip-hop artist who has worked with numerous high tier artists.  He is one of three artists that was hand picked to be part of Bill Cosby's recently assembled hip-hop project The Cosnarati, which released their "State of Emergency" album late 2009.  He also recently released his first solo album also titled The Remedy, which features The Game, Jadakiss, and Erykah Badu.  To see Supa Nova Slom on The Today Show with Bill Cosby please click the following link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Pn9c8x13VI

The Endless Noise Collection was started up during the recession in 09. Iran Ortiz, founder wanted to provide accessories by an emerging designer without the prices. She would like to call these pieces disposable in a way because you can buy a piece, wear it once ( which usually never happens) and not have to worry about the  as with something that would cost hundreds of dollars. Some pieces are one of a kind and other pieces become popular therefore I make multiples. I also make custom pieces when asked. The inspirations for my pieces come from something that I would wear and can't find and also the joining of fabrics to make an item visually appealing. I appeal to every kind of girl ; the girly girl, the street girl, the socialite, the club hopper, the hippy, the artist and etc. Endless Noise is building up slowly but surely with tons of blog hits and street buzz these ladies are sure to change the game of urban accessories.  Stay tuned for what is to come. Check em out at  http://www.endlessnoisenyc.com/

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