My Sneaker App

RELEASED - APRIL 13th, 2010 

The MySneakers app is a tool that has the ability to search for any new, old or upcoming style that the user may choose, and once they’ve found the pair they want, they can find a store, closest to them that carries that style. MySneakers is for anybody; from the global traveler that is looking for local stores, to the novice sneaker enthusiast who wants to keep up with the latest styles. From the kid who just saved her allowance to buy her first pair, to the connoisseur pining over his thousandth. MySneakers has features that will help all levels. With a powerful database that can simply search for sneakers in a favorite color, familiar nickname, materials used, or get as specific as an exact product code, the user can easily find whatever they might be looking for. MySneakers has also teamed up with the coolest sneaker blogs on the net, so the user can get new information and insights from the top sites and writers in the sneaker world.

Plus every sneaker, store or blog that you like or want to comment on, can be posted to your Facebook and/or Twitter account. This will allow, you the user, to share your sense of style and where you shop with everyone in your social network.

On top of all that, MySneakers very own in-house sneaker aficionado, will be giving his monthly picks for sneakers, stores and blogs in the MySneakers “RECOMMENDED” section.

The MySneakers app presented by NILO Media Corp is the first 
and only in-depth mobile sneaker application of it’s kind

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