RIP Guru

The rapper, Guru aka Keith Edward Elam passed away April 19th 2010 at the age of 43, after a long battle with cancer. He went through various procedures and failed to recover. He kept his cancer secret but the news broke out in March when he was rushed to hospital due to  a heart attack. Guru was known for strong roots that created Jazz and Blues and the rapper flew to New York in the 80s, a little later become part of Gang Starr with Dj Premier. The group provided legacy albums such as Daily Operation (1992) and Moment of Truth (1998). The name Guru stands for "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal" and the less often used "God is Universal; he is the Ruler Universal". He will be missed. Thank you for inspiring Circa '95 to do what we do. 90's classics for sure, we will definately keep rockin' your music! Foreva' Guru...


Gangstarr - MASS APPEAL

Gangstarr - SKILLS

Gangstarr feat. Jadakiss - RITE WHERE U STAND

Peep the tribute videos poppin up on youtube like this one:

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