Circa '95 has been officially invited to attend SWAGAPALOOZA !!!

Swagapalooza is an experiment in viral media. On September 9th, the world’s most-followed bloggers, twitters, and digital influencers will gather in New York to judge five-minute auditions from the creators of the latest, greatest, and most unexpected new products... And to connect with each other. 
Keynote speaker will be Alexis Ohanian co-founder of reddit.com  and breadpig 

Attendance will be strictly limited to 85 guests. 
In total there will be 70 bloggers and 15 tweeters. 
Watch the event live on JUSTIN TV ! 

Since we got the invite we know some of the companies who will be in attendance... check out the list! 
Douglas Rushkoff (via video) 
 and MORE ! 

A big shout out goes to ALEX KRUPP Director of Swagapalooza for hooking Circa '95 up! 
We will be tweeting live from the event and keeping you all in the loop. 
We might even share some of the goodies with our loyal fans =)  
Make sure to follow us @circa95 @pattydukesnyc @rephstar 

Always Fresh 4 Free  - C'95  

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