Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Beyond Race is @ it again,bringing you fresh talent_
With there 2nd installment  of their Emerging Artist Showcase.
JeDI (on the wheels all night!!)
RSVP to get in

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Last Airbender [Theatrical Movie Trailer]

Was sad when they ended the Nickelodeon cartoon series but i'm hyped to see The Last Airbender!!
Can't wait for this flick. Peep the trailer!

Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be & Rock That Body (New Video)

Peep the new video from Black Eyed Peas
No wonder they the biggest pop group in the world.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg Does Nicki Minaj Impression (*Funny Video)

This one made me laugh...
kinda cute to see folks spittin' bars you wouldn't expect.
Michelle Trachtenberg the young hollywood actress was videotaped by James Van Der Beek leaving the set from their show MERCY on NBC, the new hospital drama. 
Nice to see what folks are doing behind the scenes... 
Keep it up & keep tweeting!

The Circa '95 Show // SUNDAY FEB 21st 3-5pm // FEAT. Najee, Diamond Headz, Momma's Hip-Hop Kitchen

Music Video Throwback: Nice and Smooth- "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow"

Nice and  Smooth- "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow"
Nuff Said.....

Crosby & Miz Metro At EOW Feb. 28th

Sunday, Feb 28th
EOW @ Pyramid, 101 Avenue A
Featuring Miz Metro, Crosby and Nero

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ANGEL DUST by Hasan Salaam | Featuring Lord Jamar

Peep the latest from Hasan Salaam featuring Lord Jamar.
Shout out to Ameena Dove who is the main actress in the video.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joell Oritz Feat. Novel - Call Me (1995)

I think we done started something.... CIRCA '95 STYLE !!!! 
Peep Joell Ortiz's new video, Call Me Feat. Novel.
Shout out to our homie Tisha B. who played Joell's mother in the video.

Free Agent, the album will be in stores April 20th. The song and video concept is about teenage love and heartbreak based in Williamsburg and South Side Brooklyn circa 1995. Now for all of you 90’s babies, this video will pretty much feel like a period piece since the height of Brooklyn in ’95 featured Smart Beepers, Eastland’s, Tommy shirts, Carhart jackets, Helly Hanson jackets, 5411’s, stretch pants, hoop earrings, & passing notes in class. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shinobi Ninja NEW iPhone App

 New York City-based independent rock/rap group Shinobi Ninja, have introduced their first music-focused gaming app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Part cartoon video game, part music video, and part music/video player, “Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks!” integrates digital music and video into a classic eight-bit video-game environment. Players get immersed in the band’s imagined cartoon world and are rewarded for playing with free music downloads, music videos, and promotional merchandise.

A first for music and gaming iPhone apps, “Shinobi Ninja Attacks” also leverages smart phone GPS tracking capability at concerts to locate and reward fans who have installed the app. A “lite” version is available FREE from the App Store on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; the fully loaded retail version sells for $3.99, but through February 4, 2010, the retail version will sell for just $0.99.

Shinobi Ninja, is an independent rock/rap group comprised of six New York City performers: lead singers DA and Baby Girl, bassist Jonny on the Rocks, drummer Terminator Dave, guitarist Maniac Mike, and DJ Axis Powers. Inspired by acts as diverse as Nirvana, Janet Jackson, Faith No More, Sublime, and the Beastie Boys, Shinobi Ninja crafts their own brand of party music into an eclectic mix of musical styles designed to appeal to a wide variety of music fans. Shinobi Ninja recently debuted their latest extended-play (EP) single, “Brooklyn to Babylon”.
“Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks.” 
Shinobi Ninja’s next album is scheduled for release Spring 2010.  
Join Shinobi Ninja at
For more information, visit

Citizen Active on Plum TV (Shout Out: Make The Road New York)

Big change starts locally with neighbors coming together to confront poverty, discrimination, homelessness, crime, and blight. Through art, housing, and collective action, these grassroots activists have transformed their local communities and developed scalable, exportable models for change. The organizations recognized by Citizen Active for Community Building include City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Common Ground & Make the Road New York.
Citizen Active is a Plum TV original series devoted to the rising spirit of activism and the remarkable people who are working for important change.

A big shout out goes to our friend JESUS GONZALEZ of Make the Road New York
and all the activist doing positive work in the communities. 
Be the change you wish to see!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sad Story: Health Crisis In Vieques, Puerto Rico (US Military Being Sued For Poisoning Over 7,000)

CNN's prime-time investigative report on the ongoing health crisis on Vieques, Puerto Rico
Learn about what's going on in our own backyard.

Watch Flaco Navaja, PattyDukes, Nymphlo 9 Reading Excerpts of COUNTY OF KINGS: The BOOK

A jarring and poignant coming-of-age memoir told in a unique voice that seamlessly flows from hard-edged drama to urban poetry. This poetic and often times gritty narrative creates a vivid portrait of Lemon's difficult, yet at times humorous experiences growing up in New York City. 
Praise for COUNTY OF KINGS the staged-memoir

"The perfect Off-Broadway piece!" --Ben Brantley, NEW YORK TIMES 
"Compelling and well-performed!" --John Lahr, NEW YORKER
"[5 Stars] Electrifyingly Fresh!" --TIME OUT NEW YORK 
"More energy than any stage can contain." --NEW YORK POST

Flaco Navaja Reading an Excerpt from County of Kings, The Book 
PattyDukes Reading An Excerpt From County of Kings, The Book  
Nymphlo 9 (Anthony Alonso) Reading An Excerpt from County of Kings, The Book 
only $14.99 through Amazon
Want to keep up with Lemon, visit his site & blog


So I went to this Canibus show last night or really this morning... It was my first time seeing him rock live.  There were also a lot of dope MC's in the building... Shout to Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, and Pumpkin Head... They all went in at one point or another but all eyes was on the newcomer YC the Cynic who was the first opener.  Of course he he got it jumping.  He was celebrating the release of his new mixtape and it was dope to see him in his element.  Download his mixtape HERE but if you see him in the street make sure you buy one for a $5 spot 2..  Till then check out his acapella from last night below...

Later in the night Canibus hit the the stage...  Check out his acapella... When I played it for Patty she was like, "what he just said," lol... Canibus be going in...

for putting together some dope events...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can't believe it's been ten years.. RIP BIG PUN

Off the upcoming Big Pun Tribute project (mixed by DJ Soul & G Bo the Pro) dropping February 14th... Shout to 2dopeboyz

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last week's show... This week's show... CIRCA '95 GOT THIS!!!

Ok so here's the deal.. Last week we had Dollar Van Demos (check out their Site, Myspace, FaceBook, and Twitter) up on the show and they bought along 2 great artist - Joyabravo (check her out on Myspace, FaceBook, and Twitter) & Leeia Music (check her out on Myspace and Twitter)... We had a good time, everyone was dope.  The podcast with the highlights should be up in a few... This week we have another roster of dope folks for you guys to check out.  First up is Ephniko.. He's a dope Colombian MC coming to us via MIA... Check out his Site, Myspace, FaceBook, and Twitter.... Next up is T-Weaponz.  These cat have been repping for a while.  We going to find out what's up with their new project the 3D album. Check out their Blog, Myspace, FaceBook, and Twitter.  Lastly we are going to have Burton's Chill foundation talk about the work they do with inner city communities and snowboarding.  Check out their Site...
The mixtape we rocking today is  DJ Whoo Kid's Platinum (1999) via SUGICHEFZ BLOG
Download here
It going to be a packed show so tune in.
Sunday FEB. 7th, 3-5pm 
right before the Super Bowl

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter JAM NYC!!!

Winter Jam Event at Central Park, The Bandshell Area: Saturday, February 6, 2010Presented by Burton's Chill Foundation, NYC Parks Department and the Olympic Regional Development Authority, Winter Jam NYC is an annual winter sports festival that encourages New Yorkers to get out and enjoy the outdoors in the colder months!

Get more INFO HERE -

Beautiful People new music video from * NINASKY

Check out the official video from sisters/singers Nicole and Natalie Albino aka Nina Sky. The video features clips of them in the studio and on the road promoting their upcoming sophomore effort, Starting Today. Beautiful People is the #1 video on Myspace music today! 
 follow the ladies on twitter @ninasky