"CANTO" by RodStarz of REBEL DIAZ (Video)

Song: Canto by RodStarz (Rebel Diaz) 
Filmed & Edited: Intikana 
An RDAC Collective Video

Canto means: "Sing." Y es por eso que yo.." Means: "The reason that I". This song talks about the reason I sing. Why I do this. I wrote Canto while living in Bushwick, Brooklyn after we had just arrived from Chicago. It's the 1st song we performed that started getting a real strong reaction from the crowd. I'll never forget Bobbito Garcia walking by me and saying CANTOOOOO!! on a street in Spanish Harlem after he saw me perform it at DJ Laylo's memorable Liberation Lounge parties. It's a song that came from an argument between me and my brother G1. He produces our records and I told him I needed more boombap. He made the beat after the argument and that same night, I wrote the verses. I wrote this while working as a Youth Organizer at Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice in The South Bronx. It was inspired by Anthony, Divad, Xiomayra, Víctor, Michael, Shareeda, Shane, Memo, Chi Chi, Ralph, Tanya, and all the youth I worked with. Along with Lah Tere and G1, we have performed this song all over the world, and them kids are always with me.

When that sample with Chairman Fred Hampton's voice saying "I am a revolutionary!," plays I know there's no other place we belong but on that stage sharing this message. We decided to do a video after these years cuz we thought the song along with Lah Tere's "CRUSH" were deserving. Intikana, a member of RDACBX and a super dope MC himself came along and we were able to visualize it. The video depicts what the song represents. Community. My everyday life. The work we are currently doing in The South Bronx with the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective. Check out the OFFICIAL VIDEO for "Canto" by RodStarz of Rebel Diaz. Directed by Intikana. Starring: RodStarz and G1 of Rebel Diaz, Domi D, Jon Mega, Cheebie, Waco Division, Don Knots, Zee from tha Bee, Jonathan Santiago, Circa 95 (Patty Dukes and Rephstar), DJ Charlie Hustle, Aidge from Aesthetics Crew, M.O., Bliz, J.Free, YC the Cynic, Vithym, Karla Rodriguez, Chris Diaz, Popmaster Fabel, Rev. Claudia De La Cruz, Victor Toro, Nieves Ayress, Don Carlitos, and Omowale Adewale from G.A.ME. Y es por eso que yo.... Canto!

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