The Freedom Charter

As adopted at the Congress of the People, Kliptown, on 26 June 1955. The African National Congress (ANC) sent out five thousand volunteers into townships and the countryside to collect 'freedom demands' from the people of South Africa. They were workers, peasants, intellectuals, women, youth and students of all races and colors. The Freedom Charter is a compiled list of the demands. 

After The Freedom Charter was read aloud, it was denounced as treason, the South African government banned the ANC and arrested 156 activists, including Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned in 1962. However, the charter continued to circulate underground and inspired a new generation of young militants in the 1980s.

On February 11, 1990, Mandela was finally freed and the ANC came to power soon afterwards in May 1994. With Nelson Mandela as the new president.

The new ‘ Constitution of South Africa’ included text from the Freedom Charter.

The People Shall Govern! THE FREEDOM CHARTER !


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