An artists' tribute to marijuana

350 Bowery
New York, NY 10003

March3 - March 17, 2011

95,916,972 American adults have used marijuana.* Do YOU know one?

Featuring photographs, paintings, works on paper, sculptures, video and live presentations by artists Fumero, Suzette Lee, Vicki Pages, Chris Bishop, Dunn The Signtologist, Phetus and other pioneers of the contemporary artworld, Made in Amerijuana is an artists' tribute to marijuana curated by Claudia Bumbac and Mario Ramos in collaboration with Franki Velez.

IBUDYOU is pleased to announce a group exhibition that pays homage to the past, present, and future of cannabis culture in the United States of America. By examining the historical influence of marijuana and the current Zeitgeist of America's movement towards tolerating the drug, Made in Amerijuana seeks to establish a platform for conversation regarding the social, political, and economic implications of marijuana in our everyday lives. Using art as a catalyst to transcend the legal boundaries of marijuana as a federally criminalized drug, Made in Amerijuana highlights milestones and statistics to cast a new light on the various dimensions of cannabis present in American society.

People around the world have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years while using the hemp plant for everything from fabric and rope to ethanol fuel. Sadly somewhere along the way, state men with significant power and desire to profit off the criminalization of marijuana decided it was a dangerous weapon that should be labelled a narcotic. In America, the struggle continues to muckrake the lies and misconceptions about marijuana that the government has spent billions of dollars to spread. Every 38 seconds, one marijuana smoker is arrested in America.**

While 15 states and DC have already legalized marijuana for medical use, America continues to embark on a revolutionary mission to end the era of green prohibition. Come celebrate this movement with us March 3rd and learn about what you can do to take a stand against the decriminalization of marijuana and promote the healing properties of nature's very own Cannabis.

* Cannabis Culture article april 10, 2009 (


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