Photo by Hector Cruz
Last year, Navegante released a track called "Arizona" in response to the racist SB 1070 Law as well as events that had been taking place such as the killing of Sergio Hernandez Huereka on the US-Mexico border. I immediately wrote a verse, recorded it, and sent it to Navegante. Jean Shepherd of Navegante reached out and we eventually met at a diner in Union Square. That conversation laid the foundation.
In September of 2010, Navegante, Intikana, and members of the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective did a full day video shoot on RDAC's South Bronx rooftop with the 70 foot "NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL" Mural (Painted by Dasic Fernandez) as the backdrop. Seeking to do more than just a traditional rap video, Navegante and Intikana decided to take things a step further.

Photo by Intikana
With the SB 1070 Law making its way to other states around the country, Navegante and Intikana felt the need to document those actually affected. With that, Intikana flew out to Immokalee, Florida to film where immigrant workers are exploited daily. With the help of CIW(Coalition of Immokalee Workers), Intikana was able to meet Benito and Carmela. A humble and very loving couple from Mexico with an adorable son named Luis. After many days of connecting and spending time, they opened up and shared their story. Their story is this music video....ARIZONA. Powerful, gripping, and brutally true.
This music video means so much to me as I have very strong feelings on the subject. Meeting Benito and his family changed a lot for me. With all the heart and love we have to give, Navegante and I present to you the WORLD PREMIERE of ARIZONA this SATURDAY at the HIGHLINE BALLROOM (7PM Sharp!).


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