FOODIE ALERT: Crofters Organic Jam

Recently, we came across this yummy looking jar in our favorite supermarket, Fairway!
We bought the product and then researched the company. We loved it so much we tweeted them and they sent us some coupons so we could try some more. So we went back to Fairway with coupons in hand and picked up some more. The rest is history.
We are in love CROFTERS! 

This is truly something you have to try!
We love blogging and enjoy sharing products we think are awesome with you! 

The Bear is what first caught our eyes, then we checked the label and packaging noticing
how amazing it was. Few ingredients and it's organic! Sweet... 

There is not much info on the Bear. However,  Crofters does come from Canada and they really like Bears over there. 
Bears also enjoy picking berries and Bears are known to pick the best berries. 
So trust the Bear, they know!  


FLAVORS like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, four fruit, concord grape, Sicilian blood orange, morello cherry, mango, pomegranate. Our favorite is The Strawberry and the Four Fruit! It's amazing to use for a PB&J Sandwich. 

For more info about the company visit their website.

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