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Greetings everyone,

We hope your having a wonderful summer and staying cool in this heat!
This past Monday was a night to remember at SOB's in NYC and here's what went down. 

The FRESH, BOLD and SO DEF showcase was brought together by Martha Diaz,AF3IRMFusicology and Nati Linares. Circa '95 attended the event to show support to all the artists doing amazing work! To our suprise Patty Dukes ended up being asked to sit on the Panel, host the show and perform!

The panel was moderated by MARTHA DIAZ  and featured  ANA TIJOUXETERNIANITTY SCOTT MCGENESIS BE, THEMBISA MSHAKAFIONA BLOOM and  PATTYDUKESIt was beautiful to hear directly from the artists the dedication and sacrifice they have made & continue to make for the love of Hip-Hop & their communities. 


Watch Video of the Ladies Introducing themselves and what they do HERE 

The evening went on as scheduled and the concert began. The night was a celebration and the guest of honor was our friend ANA TIJOUX from Chile. She brought her entire band with her. Their first time in North America and let me tell you they were amazing!  Guess what, with only $400 Ana recorded her album in Chile and ended up being nominated for aGRAMMY! So don't give up - anything is possible if you believe! 

Fresh, Bold and So Def was a featured concert on LIVESTREAM, Performances byGENESIS BEJASMINE SOLANOCIRCA '95NITTY SCOTT MC and ANA TIJOUX. A surprise to the audience was when she brought on stage hip-hop group REBEL DIAZ and they accompanied her in a song. In case you missed it catch all the performances HERE 
Shout Outs go to @SupaEngineer  for holding down the sound at SOB's. Vee Bravo and Yvette for coming thru. 

"FRESH, BOLD and SO DEF" is a multimedia research project currently being incubated at the Hip-Hop Education Center at NYU's Metro Center, it was created to empower and cultivate women in Hip-Hop through a social enterprise solution’s model that is both educational and entrepreneurial. The objective is to promote positive images and motivational stories of powerful women in diverse roles and leadership positions within Hip-Hop culture through an educational resource book that can be used in classrooms, libraries, museums, community centers, forums, employment centers, and correctional facilities.

Jasmine Solano
Ana Tijoux 
Nitty Scott MC

Circa '95  (PattyDukes & RephStar) 

The Ladies... 

PattyDukes with a fan @rubentepetl

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