Que Griten Los Estudiantes! this Friday @REBELDIAZ @Intikana

Performing Live!!!
Divine RBG
La Bruja 
Rebel Diaz
Reyes del Bajo Mundo
Flaco Navaja

DJ Illanoiz
DJ Charlie Hustle

S10 Sliding Scale Donation
CoSponsored by:
Guerilla Republik and Da Urban Butterflies

September 23rd marks a historic date of struggle in Puerto Rico, it also marks the 6 year anniversary of the assassination of Filiberto Ojeda Rios by the FBI. Lately, there have been student uprisings there along with violent clashes with police, as students fight for equal access to education and against tuition increases. The global reality of education is that everything is being privatized. In Chile, students have also been uprising. Here in New York City, students all over face a grim future with less jobs and more debt. We want to commemorate the spirit of the Grito de Lares by doing a Que Griten Los Estudiantes! Hip Hop Concert, to show solidarity with these student struggles. In English it means, Let the Students Shout! For many of us, Hip Hop is our voice of resistance. We will be joined by MCs and DJs from all over who rep for Puerto Rico, The Bronx, Chile, EL Salvador and more!!!

We will also have the Music Video Release for "Yo Soy Boricua" (Filmed in Boriken). Featuring two Hip Hop artists from Bieke (Vieques) named Lady M and MC Natra. Produced by Rephstar of Circa 95.

All proceeds from this event will go to The RDACBX, the autonomous Hip Hip Communtiy space in the Bronx, specifically the Nuestra America Media Lab which we will be opening up soon!
Stay tuned for workshop schedules on Photoshop, pro tools, final Cut and more media!

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