Artist Spotlight: Majestik Originality "JUST LISTEN" (@majestik723)

Album Title: Just Listen
Released:    10.04.2011

Track Listing:
01. Just Listen (Feat: Nisha Asnani)
02. Should I?
03. Who Remembers
04. Muddy Waters
05. Dear Lyrical Princess
06. Sick Sixth
07. Bout 2 Kno (Feat: SoSoon)
08. What's Hood?
09. Pretending
10. Thank You

After years since his last attempt at putting out an album, Majestik Originality has finally released his new album “Just Listen”. This album is a conceptual project which was dedicated to the smooth & very lyrical gold era of HipHop. It has a very 90’s appeal, yet never feels out dated or immature. The goal of this album from the mind of Majestik Originality, was for his audience both old & new to have an opportunity to “Just Listen” to the lyrical ability he possesses. Showcasing his range of topics from touching on social issues, to being straight lyrical with a bit of ego mixed in, to story telling, and much more. This album which is 10 tracks full of lyrical goodness was prepared, cooked, and served with you (the listener) in mind. So without any further description, you are cordially invited to step into the lyrical world of Majestik Originality and “JUST LISTEN”.

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