New Music Video: @BlingCrosby "XTRA LARGE" Featuring @DjDyllemmaRadio (PRODUCED BY @ZEPS)

Artist statement: 
I decided to make a video for the song Xtra Large becuase I wanted to capture a piece of my history from an important point in my life. I wanted to offer people a glimpse into my real life story, growing up in the Lower East Side, the same place the Beastie Boys had come to pave the way for respectable white rappers like myself. First off, I want people to know that I made this music video before MCA passed away. The entire look and feel for Downtown 85 has centered around references made about the Lower East Side throughout Hip-Hop's history. When I first recorded Xtra Large, I sampled Basquiat talking about life as an artist and inserted it directly into the song. I've also referenced the Beastie Boys, due to their profound influence in my life. When I created artwork for the song, I took the Beastie Boys cover art for Paul's Boutique and added the Xtra Large logo. The cover to Paul's Boutique had been taken on Ludlow & Rivington, which is yet another reason I decided to shoot most of the video on the same corner - just blocks away from ABC No Rio, where I have made my silk screens for years. I wanted the video to capture something very special to me so I could share it with Hip-Hop and prolong the world I love from fading away. 

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