CULTURE ::: The Uptown Wellness Series @Circa95 Pop-Up Shop ::: June 30th ::: FREE !!!

Bringing Sustainable Living To The South BX

A FREE workshop series on making healthy choices in a big city

June 30th - Let’s Green The Hood w/ Karim Orange 1-5pm

1:15-2:15pm - Learn self defense techniques to get you out of any situation (physically or verbally) By Abdul Karim

2:15-3:45pm - Let the Music Play- enjoy our wellness buffet featuring the sounds of DJ Enygma while you try the best is natural food and beauty products.

4:00pm - Hear from our wellness crew about their special “flavors”

Karim Orange- You can be a non-toxic diva at your local beauty supply store. Learn to create and make your own beauty products

Abdul Karim- learn how to defuse an altercation with authority. In the wake of the Travon Martin situation, learn valuable body and speaking suggestions that may save your life, when dealing with police. Also learn how to get away from a perpetrator in a confrontation.

Adios Adobo- learn how to make seasonings yourself omitting table salt and MSG (sometimes found in commercial brands) but still full of FLAVOR!!! 

Special Thanks to our Sponsors ! 

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