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BMHC Lab| 1303 Louis Niñé Blvd, Bronx NY  
Take the 2 or 5 train to Freeman Street or the Bx19 bus 
 FREE admission; $5 suggested donation.

Join us for the final day of Bronx Summer Fest!


4pm - 6:30pm Block Party
Honoring Living Legend DJ Kool Herc
Performing live:
7pm - 8pm 
Jamaican Jam with DJ Kool Herc
Join us as DJ Kool Herc takes the turntables!
1303 Louis Niñé Blvd, Bronx NY  
Take the 2 or 5 train to Freeman Street or the Bx19 bus 
 FREE admission; $5 suggested donation. 

Bronx Summer Fest is  part of NYCDOT's Weekend Walks Program. Enjoy face painting, games, free CPR lessons, boxing clinic, arts activities, local food vendors, and artisans on a car-free street!

Summer Fest Sale: Shop at Southern Boulevard stores for a chance to win a flat screen TV! Sale ends at 5pm on June 21. Drawing will take place at 6pm at the BMHC Lab. 
For more information, visit SouthernBoulevard.org!

Feature Artist Biography

DJ Kool Herc, A Founding Father of Hip-Hop and 
Influencer of Bronx Music

A Jamaican-born American that immigrated to the Bronx with his family, DJ Kool Herc is credited as one of the originators of Hip Hop. In the early 1970s while attending the Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School in the Bronx, Herc developedhis music style utilizing two turntables to extend "the break," which came to exemplify Hip Hop. In August 1973, Herc put on a legendary concert at 1520 Sedgwick Avenuewhich launched Hip Hop into the world and changed Bronx music forever. 

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