@SummerStage Recap with the "Dynamic Duo" @Circa95 #SummerStage30

On Friday, July 10th we had a gig at SummerStage! 
For those that don't know. SummerStage is a seasonal outdoor venue brought together by the City Parks Foundation. Presenting a range of free and ticketed performances in multiple music genres. 
Our night was presented by the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe hosted and headlined by our friend Caridad De La Luz aka La Bruja. Opening act was Nene Ali followed by us - Circa '95.  All taking place in the Bronx, St. Mary's Park - SummerStage.   

Reph is always ready for a sound check. Making sure things sound right and helping our Dj with any last minute changes. Its a blessing to get to perform on a big stage with all that equipment, especially monitors. Lots of places don't even have those. We love hearing that full sound on stage and it always makes for a better live show. 

Here we are performing at SummerStage! 

  Props to our DJ Fred Ones .. Always killing' it. 
Follow Him ---> @fredonestme 

The crowd started gathering and it was great to see all the folks that came out to support.
La Bruja came out after us and she did her thing! You have to see her doing a cover of La Lupe live, she killed it! So many awesome and talented people come from the Bronx / Uptown.  One day we hope to make it to perform at the MainStage in Central Park for SummerStage but for now it doesn't get better than performing in your own backyard and feeling that love. Props to all the kids that swarmed us after we got off stage. They rollin' with Circa '95. 

Thanks for reading & don't worry we will keep you posted on more awesome sh*t  happening soon! 
See you at a show. Oh and Props to @SummerStage for calling us the "Dynamic Duo" ..  sounds like we need some super hero costumes. Any ideas? 


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