Hawaii ::: Ride The Breaks Festival 2015 (Recap)

Peace !
Circa '95 is back in NYC getting ready for the fall/winter season. 
We had such an amazing Summer Tour 
we had to share with you some pics and memories from our trip.

First we visited the islands of Hawaii, first stop was Maui. A great place for us to write and work on new music. It was also a wonderful opportunity for us to explore nature. As NY city kids, its a dream to be able to travel and experience these amazing sights.

Our view of Maui from the plane ...  


Reph in his element about to jump...

We encountered a turtle on the beach during sunset...

Amazing moments happen when you least expect them... 

Best Acai Bowl ever! 
We ate this just about every morning it was so good! 

Thanks to Maui Farmers Market & Deli 
 all organic, no gmo's and the best acai bowls! 

Peace Maui - Thanks for an awesome time!


Next stop Kona, also known as The Big Island. 
Here we are after we climbed through lava tubes. 

The scenery was unreal. It felt like we were on mars. 
You could see where the lava flows and how the planet regenerates. 
This moment marked the beginning of Ride The Breaks Festival


All the artist that participated during Ride the Breaks stayed in an amazing beach house. 
Every morning we were greeted by colorful birds, turtles and dolphins.

We got a chance to swim with some amazing animals in the water. 
One day where we were swimming and a school of dolphins came, Reph was surrounded. 
A baby dolphin was jumping all around. 
Reph was able to catch some awesome footage and yet keep a safe distance. 
It was incredible to see them in their element... 

We also found these little guys, 
they remind us of the commercial with the bathroom scrub brushes. 

Ride The Breaks Festival - Celebrating all elements of Hip-Hop Culture in Hawaii..

Some of the artists that participated in Ride The Breaks 2015 : 
Ken Swift (Bboy/NYC/LA), Zulu Gremlin (Bboy/LA), Circa '95 (Music/NYC), KaleoTen (Bboy/Hawaii), Such (Graff/NYC), Snap One (Bgirl/Alaska) and even more amazing artists, community organizations and local businesses. It was  truly a huge community effort.  

Our first stop was to visit a local charter school. 
We shared our work with the the students 
and then the students shared what they have been learning about Hip-Hop with us. 

After the sharing, a bunch of girls came up to Patty and showed some love. Aloha!  

The music program was phenomenal.

All kinds of instruments for students to enjoy, here Reph, Ten and Ken started jamming. 

The following day all the artists hosted workshops open to everyone in the community. 

It was a pleasure to sit in and learn from other artists. Circa '95 facilitated a Rhyme Factory workshop. It was a great opportunity to share with the people of Kona.

Reph met a new friend, they showed each other some moves... 

In the evening we were invited to the Donkey Mill Art Center. 
Ken Swift, co-founder of the festival and legendary bboy
 invited Zulu Gremlin for an artist talk.
 A legend in his own right, Zulu Gremlin shared his life journey. 

The Donkey Mill Art Center is an artist run, artist led space. 
It was incredible to see all the different spaces dedicated to various art forms.

Truly a gem hidden in the moutain. 
A beautiful surprise was hearing all the coqui's singing all around the property. 
Thank you for inviting Circa '95 ! 

As we traveled through Kona for different events and site seeing. 
We noticed a Puerto Rican flag by the side of the road. 
A family selling pasteles. 
 Can you believe it, all the way in Kona, Hawaii. 

As workshops & performances went forward. 
Artist like SUCH were busy painting a mural.
Collaborating with visual artists from Kona
to make it a beautiful piece at the Kona Brewing Co


If you make it to Kona, go check out the mural. 

Didn't get a chance to take a picture of us on stage.
 The Kona Night Market is a giant artist market and in collaboration 
with the Ride The Breaks Festival made for a huge event that weekend, 
with bboy competitions, performances & more. 
Circa '95 got to bless the mic and show everyone a little NYC flavor.


After performing at the Kona Night Market, 
we made room for some Kona Ice! 

Props to the family run business & Kona based-brand COMMITTED,
 they hooked us up with some gear after our performance. 
The message behind the movement is on point 
 stay committed to your family, your goals, your people.

Props to the winners of the Bboy team competition. 
These Kona youth also participated in our Rhyme Factory workshop. 
They wanted to learn as much as they could about Hip-Hop. 
They represented to the fullest. 

Somehow we managed to find time for running. 

The views were breathtaking and running along side people who were training 
for Ironman was no joke!


The beach party was epic! 
 We were taken to a secluded area, where only the locals would have known where to go. 
We drove right up to the beach. Not sure if our car-rental covers this but hey...
you gotta take some risks sometimes. Upon arrival, we see the only beach party. 
We got a chance to perform alongside Zulu Gremlin in a fun rap cypher. 
We turned it out like a 1995 MTV Summer Jam. 
A young sista showed her skills on the turntables. 
Truly one of the best moments of the trip, 
spent with beautiful people and sharing nothing but positive energy. 

The next day we took a road trip and visited Kona Coffee. 
Patty had the Kona Coffee Ice Cream - which was phenomenal!
 Reph tried a Root Beer.. Ken approved! 

We explored insane locations and kept laughing thanks to Mindy & Such. 

Huge thanks and gratitude goes out to Ken and Yarrow 
founders of the Ride the Breaks Festival for inviting Circa '95. 
They welcomed us into the festival and made us feel like family. Thank you ! 


See you later Yarrow! 
She gave Patty the flower and gifted us these fresh Ride The Breaks bucket hats. 

Peace to Ken Swift 
 Thank you for looking out for Circa '95.


So yeah.....

Kona is magical... 

 Check out the Turtle chillin' next to Patty. 

From dolphins, turtles to even catching a meteor shower.... 

Kona was incredible! 
We hope to visit very soon.  

Aloha!  Mahalo !

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