Run with @Circa95

 Circa '95 is all about Music. Art & Culture.
For us Running has become a big part of our lives.
 For many reasons; it helps us stay fit, focused and allows us to build community with others.
Running is a part of our culture. It has truly impacted our lives in the most amazing ways.
We don't want to do it alone - we want to do it together with our peeps.
Running is not just for "some people - it's for ALL of us.
You don't need money or expensive gear. You just need to come run with us!
We will help you get started.

Circa '95 HOOD RUN -  Meet up every Saturday @ 12 Noon
in the Dyckman Community Center (NYCHA)
3781 10th Avenue (Just off 202nd Street)
FREE !!!
 Everyone Welcomed - All Abilities - Bag Check


 (Pic of Day 1 - Jan 9th)


In the fall of 2015, Patty completed the Shape Up NYC fitness instructor course.
Currently volunteering and giving back to the uptown community of Washington Heights. 

We are Booking gigs for 2016  - want us to run with you in your Hood? 

Reach out  :::

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