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On Sunday Feb 28th - we took the streets for the annual Pick & Eat Run - #RUNPICKANDEAT

Pick and Eat is a wonderful healthy restaurant in the heights - located on 4179 Broadway.  They have a great selection of food, smoothies and treats. Go check them out and mention We Run Uptown or Circa '95!

Props to everyone that came out to run! 

For us.. It's all about bringing our community together

             Music ::: Art ::: Culture 

Run on your own.. Or with a group a people.. Just go! Doesn't matter how slow or fast you go.. As long as you just keep moving. 


Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible!

Circa '95
Pick & Eat
Miller Lite 
Coors Light 

Circa '95 is on a mission to unite the global urban running community through Hip-Hop. 



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